Congrats to Dr. Wu Daohong on being re-elected as EMCA director

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On January 25, 2018, the 2017-2018 Energy Conservation Service Industry Summit (member conference) took place at theChina People’s Palace Hotel in Beijing. The summit was hosted by theESCO Committee of China Energy Conservation Association (“EMCA” for short), and the third EMCA committee was formed during the re-election ceremony. 


The leaders of the third EMCA committee include:

Wu Daohong, chairman of the board of Shenwu Group, holding the post of director;

Sun Xiaoliang, holding the post of executive deputy director and secretary-general;

Zhao Ming and Zhu Lin, holding the post of deputy director.



A brief introduction to Dr. Wu Daohong

Wu Daohong, male, Han Chinese, born in Hubei province in September 1966, doctor of science, and a postdoctoral researcher. At present, Dr. Wu is the chairman of the board of Shenwu Group. He has long been dedicated to the R&D of efficient combustion and high-temperature chemical reaction technologies, and is an outstanding scientist and entrepreneurin the global field of energy conservation and environmental protection. 

Educational background

★  National University of Defense Technology, bachelor's degree in solid-propellant rocket engine, 1988

★  National University of Defense Technology, master’s degree in liquid-propellant rocket engine, 1991

★Beihang University, doctor’s degree in aero-engine, 1994

★Post-doctoral research onheavy oil processing at China University of Petroleum, 1994

★  Established Shenwu Group in 1996

Positions and honors

★Member, 11th and 12th Beijing Committee of CPPCC

★ Vice chairman, China Energy Conservation Association 

★ Chairman, Beijing Thermal Physics & Energy Engineering Institute     

★ Deputy director, China Association of Circular Economy

★ Vice chairman, Beijing Mechanical Engineering Society

★ Vice chairman, Beijing Industrial Furnace Institute

★ Member, International Conference on Combustion and Energy Utilization (ICCEU)   

★Vice chairman, coal-chemical special committee of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association

★ Listed as one of the “Top 100 Social Entrepreneurs Changing the World”by Newsweek in 2007

★ Awarded the Qiushi Outstanding Youth Science and Technology Prize by theChina Association for Science and Technology in 2012

★ Won first prize at the China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Awards in 2013 

★ Won first prize at the Green Manufacturing Technology Progress Awards in 2014

★ Awarded the title of “Contemporary Inventor” by China Invention Association in 2016

★ Won first prize at the China Energy Research Society Technological Innovation Awards in 2017 

★ Won first prize at the China Association of Circular EconomyScience and Technology Awards in 2017


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