Shenwu Group receives letter of appreciation from NDRC

Release time:2018-01-23 view number: 2191


Shenwu Group was recently pleasantly surprised by a letter of appreciation from the Climate Change Department of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). In the letter, the department expressed recognition of the great effort and contributions Shenwu Group has made in promoting international cooperation on climate change over the past year, especially at the second meeting of the China-South Korea Joint Committee on Climate Change Cooperation. 

The department’s letter reads as follows, “In 2017, China actively led the international cooperation on climate change, promoted favorable negotiations on climate change with the United Nations as a main channel, and continued to play a constructive role in global climate governance. During the year, we held the second meeting of the China-South Korea Joint Committee on Climate Change Cooperation in Beijing. With the coordination and assistance from your company, the Korean representatives learned about and carried out a field research of China’s energy-saving low-carbon technologies and projects, which enriched their understanding of the good practices of Chinese enterprises in combating climate change and upgrading to a green and low-carbon mode. It also provided a reference for China and some other countries in exploring further international cooperation on climate change. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to your company for your strong support for the international task on tackling climate change. In 2018, the first year to implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, we are willing to maintain close cooperation with Shenwu Group to jointly contribute to promoting domestic green and low-carbon development and protecting our mother Earth upon which mankind lives!”


The NDRC’s gratitude and praise is a great appreciation of Shenwu Group’s independently developed energy-saving low-carbon technologies and application projects, and will encourage the company to work even harder to assist governmental agencies in international negotiations and related tasks in the energy-saving low-carbon field in the future. Shenwu Group will continue to contribute to promoting global green and low-carbon development, addressing climate change issues, and protecting our mother Earth upon which mankind lives. 


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