300KTPARHF project wins 1st prize of CACE Science and Technology Awards

Release time:2018-01-22 view number: 2203


The Key Technology and Demonstration Project of Recycling Iron- and Zinc-bearing Sludge with Rotary Hearth Furnace (RHF) recently won the 1st prize at the 2017China Association of Circular Economy (CACE) Science and Technology Awards, after evaluation by the association’s expert panel for this event. Jiangsu Province Metallurgical Design Institute underShenwu Energy Saving Co., Ltdand its owner Shagang Group jointly submitted the application for the project. A total of 13 technologies in China won the1st prize.  



 Shenwu Group has filed more than 700 domestic and foreign patent applications for its innovative regenerative RHF direct reduction technology. This 1st prize-winning project represents the world’s largest RHF treatment plant for iron- and zinc-bearing sludge, and was awarded this time for its capability of processing 300 KTPA zinc-bearing sludge. It holds over 30 patents, and is the first of its kind both home and abroad. It has broken through barriers of related foreign technologies, and discovered a new path and set a good example for efficient recycling of resources such as iron- and zinc-bearingsludge from domestic and foreign steel-makers. It generated a total output value of USD 137.54 million (RMB 880 million) as well as total profits and taxes of USD 62.05 million (RMB 397 million) from 2014 to 2016, demonstrating significant economic, environmental and social benefits.


China has a yearly output of 180 million tons of steel sludge and non-ferrous metallurgical slag, showing great market potential. Shenwu Energy SavingCo., Ltd has long been dedicated to original innovation and system integration, and focused on R&D of various technologies such asShenwu regenerative rotary hearth furnace (SRF) direct reduction. It is leading in the right direction for comprehensive utilization of solid wastesof steel and non-ferrous metals industries both home and abroad. 


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